4 Things A Wedding Photographer Lincoln Shouldn’t Do

wedding photographer LincolnAs a professional wedding photographer Lincoln, it’s worth noting that there are things you need to stop doing. Checking out our list of things that we highly recommend wedding photographers to stop doing will help beginners avoid these things early on. In fact, keeping this list will help you in the long run in maintaining professionalism.

Not to mention that many of these things are also advised by event organizers themselves and actual couples themselves!

Wear an overly casual outfit

It’s highly unrecommended to wear your khakis to a wedding party. Unless you have a good enough reason or if the client asked you to wear those, never wear clothes that make you look way too casual. To some clients, it may even see as disrespecting their event because they want you to work and look professional.

Make sure that your wardrobe is filled with formal clothing that you are comfortable in. They don’t have to be shiny and attracting the unnecessary attention of other people. Having more than one set is preferable, so you don’t appear in the exact same clothing for every other wedding party.

Check the dress code that your clients have prepared before and you can even ask them if the clothing looks suitable for the event a couple of days in advance.

Using other people’s ideas

No one has trademarks on poses or locations for taking pictures. But it’s highly unethical to just use the ideas that other people had before. For example, you might be losing idea on how to best take a picture in a certain location. You then look up for a wedding photographer Lincoln who might have taken pictures there before, such as www.symplyphotography.co.uk.

Getting inspired by those pictures in terms of how they set their camera and the angle that they like to use is encouraged. There is always something to learn from other photographers who have succeeded and gained positive reviews. But doing the exact same thing isn’t.

Embarrassing posing

You might have encountered several situations that demand you to do more to get a certain picture. Sometimes, you have to pose in a certain way to gain a certain angle and that isn’t the most professional-looking one. But, anything for a nice, stunning, gorgeous picture for your client. Now, when we think about it, we realize those poses are embarrassing.

But to do that during a ceremony or reception, now that’s another different story. It has reached a point where your clients will prefer you to do your best within a common sense that does not necessarily disturbs the guests. For example, crouching, lying on your stomach, etc. is not encouraged during a ceremony.

Not communicating things

A wedding photographer Lincoln shouldn’t leave the clients thinking that everything will just go smoothly by themselves. After you plan for the day, discuss it with them to make sure that there will be enough time for everything. Your clients aren’t exactly experienced about it and you know more about which part will take up more time and which don’t. Help them with that.

A professional isn’t supposed to be someone out of reach, but someone that can be easily understood and friendly to his clients.