Awesome Wedding Video Ideas

wedding videoThe beauty of the digital age is that it lets photographers and videographers capture the memorable event in mixed media platforms. There is no one size fits all notion to making wedding videos as well. More often than not, it is up to the artistic liberties of the professional videographer taking it for as long as it is well within the confines of what has initially been agreed upon with the bride and groom. Wedding videos are fun and are great when it comes to showcasing the actual moments that transpire within a wedding. Although it may be true that a picture speaks a thousand words, there is something about capturing the moments live and in full animation that goes far beyond just that.

We rounded up some pretty interesting and awesome wedding video york ideas that you can try out. You may be a professional videographer currently looking for new inspiration or a bride or groom-to-be who is researching what the best themes and ideas are out there. Please read through and we hope that this list helps you out.

The same day edit video is not a new thing but it still is a pretty cool wedding video idea and something worth mentioning as a part of this list. A same day edit video is basically the product of a videographer shooting the entire wedding then editing it in real time so that you have something to show to your family and friends and other wedding guests during the reception. This is tough to pull through and it requires skill and a certain level of experience but definitely not something impossible to pull off.


Another creative take on a wedding video is shooting it cinematic style. Basically, it is a combination between black and white and colored footage weaved intricately and artistically together to produce a movie-like effect, much similar to the stuff that we watch in the cinemas – which accounts for its name. It’s classy and stylish without looking too stiff and over-staged. It is usually interesting if the perspectives are taken from different cameras and from different angles, making the storytelling aspect of it much more exciting.

Music Video Type

You may also go with the music video type of wedding video. Mind you, this is not something for the weak of heart. Foremost, you are going to need the participation of the rest of your guests and entourage. More than that, you’re going to have to commit to it if you specifically request it. You also need to make sure that your choice of song is meaningful and beautiful enough to really capture the essence of your wedding.

Classic and Romantic

You can go classic and romantic with a love story type of wedding video. Make it personalized and customized by coming up with a storyboard to tell a sort of story about how the bride and groom came together, fell in love, and eventually decided to get married. It is a unique memento for the couple and their family members and friends to live through and relive again and again. There is something exciting about getting all those moments on camera and be shared among people.