Baby Photography Props To Consider

professional baby photographerYou have probably spent a bit of time browsing through baby pictures produced professionally and posted online before you made the decision to get in touch with a professional baby photographer and set up a schedule for your baby’s photo shoot. One thing that is actually the most prevalent when it comes to baby photo shoots like these is the use of props. Props can really transform baby pictures and put in a creative twist to them especially when they are done or handled the right way. Your hired baby photographer most likely knows about it way more than you do but it is always so much better if you get to have a say on things as a parent and as a client. When you know a little bit more about things like these, you will have the option to actually tell your photographer about what your main preferences are for the baby photo shoot and make all of the necessary requests for what you would like to pull off when it all comes down to it.

Blankets, scarves, and shawls

These are really common items but they are the go-to props in baby photography. This is mainly because of the fact that most of the babies are photographed naked or without clothes. Blankets are great as clothing substitutes, same with scarves and shawls. You just need to keep a few things in mind when you are getting things like this checked out. Try to stay away from any loud prints or anything that is patterned because it might take the focus away from the baby. At the end of the day, the main attraction should be the baby so try to go for neutral colors or for anything that is plain or nondescript as much as possible. Babies are also quite sensitive so you need to opt for things that are soft to the touch that will not end up irritating the baby’s skin.

Faux fur

This is an interesting material to work with. It can double up as cushion and as a clothing substitute. It looks great in photographs and is also quite soft to the touch. When it comes to reusing the material, you just need to make sure that it has been recently washed. Faux fur tends to take on dust and dirt particles pretty easily and this might be harmful for the baby so just make sure that you have it a quick toss in the washer to get rid of any elements that might end up irritating the baby.

Baskets, crates, and other containers

This is the most iconic of all of the props used in baby photo shoots and something that you should definitely try out one way or the other. Make sure that you have a pillow inside or some kind of cushion to help keep things safe for the baby. Learn more about it by looking at baby photography examples posted on the internet. There are a lot of projects that you can take a look at and learn something from.