Got Stuck? Try These Tips to Streamline Your Wedding Photography Business

wedding photography businessAdmit it; wedding photography really is hard work. There’s just so much planning and thought that goes into it. Yes, it may be fun given the right clients but there’s always that crippling responsibility to always come through, to always be on point, and to never ever have room for mess ups because at the end of the day, a couple has entrusted the most important day of their lives in your hands. Wedding photography is also a really huge and diverse market and what you need to understand is the fact that there are tons of stiff competition out there – from photographers who are most likely more experienced and more established for you. You need to be able to find the magic formula for you to grow and thrive in this niche.

1. Align your costs accordingly

Wedding photography is really expensive business. You have to make sure that your gear is updated. If you don’t have enough capital to buy those spanking new expensive high performing cameras and other related equipment just yet, you might have to rent them. You also might need an assistant to help shoot the entire event so keep those factors in mind when you are coming up with the pricing plan for your services.

2. Keep filling up your pipeline

What that means is that you should always be advertising at some point. Keep your blog updated on a weekly basis. Make sure that you are always following up with those who have contacted you or expressed an interest in hiring you for your services. Scout contacts through referrals from common friends, family, or even former clients. It can be your make and break deciding factor between actually doing photography full time for a living.

3. Make your work output amazing

Competition is as stiff as ever and you can’t deny the fact that at some point or another, you will continuously be compared to other wedding photographers in the market. The bride and groom will most likely shop around before they decide on hiring anyone in the first place so having your gorgeous pictures updated on your social media profiles and online portfolios will really make the difference in just being the next possible option to an actual phone call and meet and greet.

4. Map out the amount of time you spend

The less time you spend on covering a wedding, that includes post shooting work hours, the more efficient you are. It means that you will get to have enough space to book another wedding and keep you busy. It also means that income will continue to come in which means that business is pumping. And we all know it’s always good to keep business pumping.

5. Make your packages attractive

Bundle up your services but be smart with the pricing. Couples tend to compare the kind of services they’re getting from a wedding photographer so having your packages nicely mapped out for them ahead of time will give them a better picture of what’s in it for them as well as manage their expectations accordingly as well. Try not to advertise your pricing openly though and only reserve it for meet and greets – you don’t want other photographers or competition copying your business plan and attractive pricing.