How To Plan A Wedding

Start with a definite wedding date.

lancashire wedding photographerWhat you will notice is that when you are planning out the details of your wedding from your products down to the services, this is the first thing that vendors are going to ask you about. If you don’t have a set date for the wedding, then you may have a very hard time trying to get anything down when it all comes down to it. This is the type of thing that you will have to work out at some point or so. If not, you will really struggle with the whole challenge of planning out a wedding from scratch. This is as basic as it goes. You need to have something that you can start off with one way or the other and this all starts with the scheduled date that you have for the wedding. Without a date, your wedding vendors ranging from your wedding planner to your Lancashire wedding photographer to your caterers, florists, atelier and so on and so forth would not know which dates in their itineraries to block off. It would just be downright impossible to get anything worked out properly. Once you have a date though, you will be able to draft up a rough program or sequence of events for the actual wedding and you will be able to book your schedule with your different vendors one by one with little to no trouble at all.

Confirm your guest count.

Move on with the number of guests that you are planning to invite. Draft up your list of guests for the wedding both from your side of the family and from the partner’s side of the family. You can be as grand as you would like to be or you can be practical by just keeping the list short and only inviting people who are actually close to you. The point is that the number of guests who will be attending is a crucial part of how you will be able to plan things out the right way for the wedding. Your Lancashire wedding photographer is bound to charge you differently if he will be covering a wedding with only 50 guests compared to when he is booking a wedding with 100 guests strong or more. The same thing goes for your caterers, your planner, your wedding venue and so on and so forth. Sure, in the real world, not everyone you end up inviting will be there during the wedding but a smart estimation would be around 80 percent or so of the total invited guests. Make it a point to get people to RSVP so that you will be able to wrap your head around who will be there or who will be bailing out.

Limit your budget.

Define the parameters for your wedding budget at some point or so. Don’t be close minded when you are planning out your budget. Consider the average price ranges of the wedding vendors in your specific area and consider that when you are setting out your budget for the wedding.