Learning Wedding Photography: Costing

wedding photography costingThis is probably something you’ve heard over and over again time and time again. “Why does wedding photography cost so much?” if there’s one thing that you should know probably more than anything else when it comes to learning wedding photography, it would have to be learning how to cost your services and defend or justify said costs appropriately. What most photographers tend to do is jump on a sort of mechanical list that provides ALL of the technical details. The issue with this is that the average joe, who is most likely asking the question anyway, is ages away from actually understanding anything in it.

Not to defend costing

Word to the wise, it’s not exactly the best way or avenue for photographers to defend their costing plans. There’s a disconnect somewhere here. As a professional wedding photographer waterford, you’ll most likely adhere to the knee jerk reaction to just give them a rundown of your overhead costs, come up with some sort of total summary and deduct those from your actual fees wherein you will in turn be left with how much is actually going in to your pockets – which by the long and short of it all will not exactly be much. Photographers have been doing this online for ages and it still hasn’t worked. People still think at some point that the service is extremely overpriced and that they are being ripped off somewhere in the process.

You see, the thing with a professional wedding photographer having to defend his prices puts him at a strategic disadvantage. It gives off the notion that you are indeed overpriced and are just trying to explain your way out of it. The solution actually lies in a much simpler explanation and in the simplest of comparisons.

Consider the need than the cost

It’s not the act of getting married that costs a lot of money, it is their need to hold a wedding. When you really get down to it, holding a wedding is a luxurious affair. You hire florists to bring in exotic and expensive flowers that will most likely wilt the next day. You get a makeup artist who will create masterpieces on both your face and hair – your hair will get ruined the next day and your makeup will most likely fade away. Food and drinks will get flushed down the drain. The venue and other possible exciting locations will be but distant reminders of where you actually held the festivities. Your wedding dress stays the same but it would be ridiculous to think you could wear it again, ever. Technically, your wedding photographs and videos are the only mementos to really stay and gain more value over time. If you’re willing to spend a lot on mundane things, why scrimp on those that really matter?

Right way to justify costing

And that, my dear friend, is how you justify your costing. There’s no need for you to get into lengthy explanations about what comprises the entire service. After all, you don’t sell a designer shoe by explaining how much the leather, labor, and stitching costs; you sell it for the mere concept and classic value it offers.