Wedding Photographer: Do I Need Insurance?

wedding photographer DundeeWorking as a wedding photographer means you have a lot of investment in your gears; your cameras, lenses, memory cards, lights, and many other things to make sure that you can get the best pictures from every wedding. But this also means that all your gears have a risk of experiencing damages and theft in every wedding venue you go to.

When such risks exist every time you work, it is only common sense that your client wants you to have insurance. They want to be safe and make sure that both sides won’t experience any unpleasant loss during this happy occasion. Thus, yes, every wedding photographer like should have insurance to protect them.

Public liability insurance

This is also often known as general liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you should any lawsuit be made against you. It will pay for any fees that are related to legal issues in relation to your work as a photographer.

Public liability insurance takes care of damages, injuries, or loss of properties of the photographer or the venue by the photographer. So, for example, a guy stepped on your bag and ruined your lenses, your insurance will cover that. A guy stepped on your bag and sprained his ankles, your insurance can cover the medical fee, too. Or maybe you accidentally knocked over an expensive vase of the venue. This insurance will also cover that damage.

This type of insurance is a must to some venues; they want their photographers to be protected and thus, themselves to be protected, too. You should be able to show them the proof of this insurance. Showing the proof to your clients are also a way to reassure them.

Errors and omissions insurance

This is a great thing to have if you face perfectionists. Some couples want to get the most out of their wedding photographer Dundee and that means everything. Not a single flower left, not a single guest out of the album. They want everything to be captured in their digital files. They will then sue you for forgetting those parts.

Others may have lost important pictures in their camera or photos and are unable to deliver them to you.

Clients then think that you are not performing as well as you’ve promised and they file a lawsuit against you. Errors and omissions insurance will then cover all the fee and damages incurred to you in the process of this lawsuit. It’s a protection against the quality you have provided.

Property insurance

As the name implies, it protects the loss of a wedding photographer Dundee’s properties like cameras, lighting kit, to your computer or laptop that contain editing tools for your photography. Insurance will help replace the value of these things should they be damaged or lost. The amount replaced will depend on the type of insurance and the premiums you pay.

For example, the day before a job on a wedding, your camera was stolen because you left the studio for five minutes. The insurance will then replace the value of the camera in full or partly and you can then proceed to buy another camera to make sure that you can shoot properly the next day.