Wedding Photographer Kent: Watch Out for Enthusiastic Guests!

wedding photographer KentThere are many problems that a wedding photographer Kent has to expect from a wedding party. You need to anticipate for the sudden change of weather especially if your area is known for that. You need to prepare spares and backup in case your main equipment cannot work properly. You also need to plan out how you move according to the itinerary of the day.

But there is one problem that you sometimes don’t have power about. It can even make you give up on doing the best. And that is the guests of the party.

They love taking pictures

Just like you, these people are expecting the couple and would love to get themselves some find pictures of the wedding. But the problem here is that these people are not the photographers and what they can do for the pictures can sometimes surprise a lot of people. When there are more than 100 people trying to take the pictures, you are really outnumbered.

This is a known issue lately as more and more people have access to smartphones with amazing camera quality. And then there’s the fact that many social media platforms work mainly by sharing pictures.

So, what to do?

First thing’s first, you have identified the possible problem. It’s time to tell your client about it. Make sure he knows the problems, so you can both plan out the day and make sure that you know what to do about it. This is the first important step, because only then can your client do something about it and help you make sure that you can do your job well.

Jim Young explains that a professional wedding photographer Kent won’t take the risk of trying to handle it alone. Trying to look professional will end up making you look unprepared and full of yourself.

Have your key positions secured

Before the party starts, you and your client can discuss how to make sure that the positions you have chosen can be secured. Those people will definitely try to get the best place to take the pictures with the reason that “It’s just for a moment.” Have people watch over those places and prevent guests from threading further and getting in the way of the photographer.

To do this, you will have to do a scout with your clients in advance and inform them on how you plan to work. Most importantly, you need to have your own place in the ceremony hall and when they are about to leave the place.

Stay calm, but bold

It’s also important to not lash out at those people whose enthusiasm outgrows yours. But at the same time, you cannot be too reserved that you let these people prevent you from doing your job. More importantly, they prevent you from getting those shots that your client has paid you for. Politely, ask them to back down because most people realize that they are in the wrong.

If they don’t, you have no choice but learn from it and make sure that you don’t let that person get in your way again. Tell your client if it’s getting out of hand! A good wedding photographer Kent will do his best to make sure nothing is in his way.