Wedding Photographer Selection Tips

wedding photography selection tipsResearch their portfolios online and ahead of time

It pays if you take care of your homework first. Take the time to check out the online portfolios of the wedding photographers you are interested in just to see if their style is something that can work for you and your wedding. This will save you the hassle of actually meeting them. You can shortlist those whose works you particularly like.

Read up a bit on their blogs

Blogs are like vision boards or journals for professional photographers. They usually post the projects they have done in the past, what they are currently working in, or what they dream of working on in the future. This will tell you a lot about their creative tendencies and how experimental they may be with regards to art and techniques.

Check out the price packages they have

Compare these packages to packages of other professional Mallorca wedding photographers out there. You’re not a very good and efficient client if you do not research the price packages thoroughly. The best way for you to make sure that you are able to get the best bang for your buck value for your money would be to make sure that tediously assess the price packages and the services and products that they come along with. More often than not, the median packages usually bring in the most value and are usually the most reasonable ones in the pricing spectrum so be sure to check those first.

Consider what kind of gear they are using

It would also be wise if you inspect the kind of gear the wedding photographer is using in the event should he cover it. You are looking for at least 2 high quality DSLR cameras, a reliable tripod that can be at least five feet in height, some external flash guns, an assortment of lenses preferably with a wide angle lens and a macro lens, and a lot of memory cards and extra batteries. You need the ultimate Boy Scout, in other words.

Ask for recommendations from former clients.

A good word put in for a photographer by a former client speaks volumes with regards to what kind of person he actually is when he is in the work place. Ask for referrals because at the end of the day, it is still a job interview.

Ask if they have an assistant for the event.

This goes without saying but needs to be said anyway. A wedding photographer simply cannot cover a huge event like that all alone. He needs an assistant to help him out especially if his packages include both wedding photos and videos. If he says that he is going alone, you might want to be a little more careful and think several times before hiring him. What happens if he gets sick on the day of your wedding? What happens if he trips while following your coverage and can no longer walk due to a sprained ankle mid shoot? These scenarios sound outrageous but they can actually happen and they have happened before in real life. A true professional gets his ducks in a row before the battle and gets his backups prepared by all means.