Wedding Photography Habits You Should Develop

weddding photographyReligiously clean and maintain your gear and frequently clear out your memory cards

Your gear is your main money making tools so it would be wise to treat them as such. Keep them clean and well maintained all of the time. Don’t allow dust or any other kind of gunk to accumulate without you cleaning them up. This goes the same way for your memory cards. Memory cards are notorious for being corrupted but only when you do not transfer the files out after every use. It will save you a lot of trouble and heartbreak in the long run. Prevention is always better than cure and this is the best prevention you can ever do as a wedding photography expert.

Orient yourself with the wedding venue and visit a few days ahead of time

Always go through the motions of really acquainting yourself with the venue. Visit it before the actual event day. Go ahead and take some practice shots and make yourself comfortably familiar with the best spots to take photos in. It pays to breeze by the venue knowing exactly where you should place yourself in and where to pose people in. It makes you look more professional and will leave your clients more satisfied, knowing that you did your homework and made the necessary preparations.

Make it a habit to maintain open lines of communication with the bride and groom

Don’t be afraid to really have an open conversation with the bride and groom. Give it to them straight and always be concise with what you’re going to say. If you think that a certain request would not be possible, explain it politely and in a way that they will be able to understand. Veer away from jargon that they might find intimidating or those that might make them feel like you are deliberately patronizing them. Be honest and be friendly and things should work out just fine.

Always back your gear up and be prepared for the worst

A real professional documentary wedding photographer always prepares for the absolute worst. Make sure that you always have your secondary camera in tow. Make sure that you have all of your accessories with you. Make sure that you have tons of extra batteries and memory cards to last you all throughout the event. Yes, wedding photography is an art but it is also a skill that you should be able to carry through with military-like discipline and precision.

Assemble a team to help you out

Having a team to help you out is your best chance of making sure that all the possible loopholes are covered. It will also help you tremendously when it comes to all of the huge and bulky gear you may end up carrying around. It helps when you have someone else with you to divide the tasks with. It will help you become more efficient. Huge weddings are simply something that you cannot do alone. They say that man is an island that cannot stand alone and that is exactly the same allegory to be used here.

Back your files up and store them in various places

You never know when files go missing or get corrupted so make sure that you prepare for this possible tragedy by backing your files up several ways.