Wedding Venues You Should Consider In Edinburgh  

Ghillie Du

wedding venueThis wedding venue is actually a place that used to be a church but has since been converted into a commercial space or area meant specifically to hold events such as weddings and the like. If you would like to stay within the heart of Edinburgh, then this is a venue that just might tickle your fancy. The thing about weddings is that although people feel as if you have to jet off to somewhere far or drive off to the far end of the country in order for you to find something that is substantial or worth taking a look at for as far as wedding venues are concerned, you don’t actually have to. Stay within the city as much as possible and opt for a wedding venue like Ghillie Du to get your needs taken care of the right way when it all comes down to it. The auditorium space is actually one of the best things that it has to offer out to clients like you who are planning to get married there. The venue is made more unique and more characteristic based off of the existence of its magnificent auditorium that has easily house even huge crowds for large weddings.

Edinburgh Castle

The thing is, you have never really visited or been in Edinburg the right way if you have not checked out the Edinburgh Castle at the end of the day. this place could easily be one of Edinburgh’s most iconic venues and something that you should be keeping in mind all of the time while you are trying to more or less work things out. Nothing could ever appeal more to the hopeless romantic in you than the aspect of getting married in an actual age-old castle that has been maintained in all of its glory and in all of its beauty. It has a real Scottish feel to it and if you are all about culture and all about really getting a feel for the place, then Edinburgh Castle will turn out to be the perfect wedding venue for you at the end of the day. Make sure that you get to book the Queen Anne Room in particular. It is at the very heart of the castle and it is easily one of the biggest rooms that you will ever get your hands on in that castle. The best part in all of this is that there is actually a 12th century chapel included in the estate. You can get married there and have the reception as well all in one go.

The Haining

This is another mansion in Edinburgh that you should definitely keep tabs with if you are looking for a place that might turn out to be a pretty interesting option as a wedding venue. It is set right along a loch that can provide you with really great or with really interesting photo opportunities after all has been said and done. This 18th century mansion is something that appeals to the inner historian in you. You can even put up a marquee type of party that your guests will surely be able to revel in and enjoy at the end of the day.

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