Wedding Video Tips You Can Do Yourself

wedding video tipsWedding photography is classic but when you get to the actual moments such as the memorable speeches and toast, the bride and groom reading out their vows to each other, the first kiss, the first dance as man and wife – well, you want something more tangible than pictures and something that you can revisit any time you would like to. Instead of just committing how those moments sounded and seemed like in memory, a wedding video would be a great addition to the photos.

If you’re a professional photographer and this is something that you have never tried before, it’s quite alright to be a little daunted. Have no fear though because we came up with a few wedding video tips that you can try out in a little experiment first just until you are able to get better at it and actually have enough confidence to include it in the packages of the services that you offer out to your clients professionally. Once you are actually covering a wedding event and you have that wedding video shindig to cover on top of the wedding photography, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Have an assistant

Either you take over in taking the wedding video Newcastle or you task someone else (an extra person in your team) to do it for you. You can’t ride on two horses at the same time. It will eventually end up with you spreading yourself over too thin and missing out on the most important tasks that you needed to deliver service-wise so save yourself the trouble and hire a second man out. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford a paid assistant just yet, consider getting a protégé-in-training who will be happy to work just for the experience alone or for a small amount on a project-based setup.

Know your gear

If you are already practicing as a professional wedding photographer, chances are, you already have your hands on an expensive DSLR so you are pretty much set, gear-wise. Just make sure that you go through the motions of actually knowing what your camera can do, what the different modes and settings are, and how they will end up looking once actually done through video. Get your hands on some post-video shoot editing software that will let you touch up the video and make it look pretty and professional before you hand it off to your clients as a finished product.

Invest in a tripod

Never trust your own arm if you are going to be shooting a video that lasts for more than 45 seconds. Videos look amateur and can seriously make viewers feel motion sick when not anchored on a stable place so invest in a good quality tripod that will minimize the shake and the blur. It will make your videos easier to watch and easier on the eyes. This is probably one of the most important wedding video tips out there so make sure that you do not skip out of this one at all costs and by all means.