Why Go For a Beach Wedding?

beach weddingWeddings are one of the most important events ever. Not only does it symbolize the union of two very different and unrelated individuals, it also brings along with it the union of not just their personal lives but everything else that comes along with them. It includes careers, dreams, plans both long and short term, parents, siblings, siblings’ kids, friends, family friends, and so on and so forth. There are so many things to prioritize and think over before the actual wedding day and it can cause a bit of a strain. Not only does it involve a lot of thinking, it involves a lot of money and effort as well.


So, case in point, why go for a beach wedding in the first place? Perhaps the more appropriate question should be, why not go for a beach wedding? There’s nothing that says romance and undying love than white sand, pristine crystal clear waters, palm trees in the background, and vows being exchanged, right? As far as most people are concerned, that background and setting alone more than makes up for what would constitute as the perfect venue which a great wedding photographer essex can capture. However, as with all things gorgeous and beautiful, there are other things that you would need to consider that might dampen all the beach wedding location hype, for what it’s worth.


For starters, you have to consider the fact that the best beaches are usually in exotic locations and are usually halfway around the world. This means that your entourage and the rest of your wedding guests would have to shell out major bucks in order for them to attend in the first place. There is also a whole slew of challenges that come along with organizing a wedding ceremony when you are not in home turf. You have to make for arrangements usually long distance, there’s a limited timeline that you would have to adhere to. There are also permits and licenses that you will need to process well ahead of time. Plus, it’s just so much hassle when the location is so far from everybody – including the couple getting married.


On the up side though, having everyone so far away means that you will be able to do away with unnecessary guests who don’t really matter much. What we mean to say by this is that you will be able to keep your circle small; only have actual friends and family members attend the wedding celebrations. If you are special to them and they’re special to you, they absolutely won’t mind the extra effort of flying halfway around the world to be with you on your special day. You know what they say, those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.


You will also have a sort of all in one package if you hold your wedding in a beach. You can have your ceremony by the beach and the reception at the same venue immediately right after it. It gives you the luxury of doing away with the hassle of having to go to a different place, loading up in cars, and so on. If you’re savvy enough, you can even get away with having your honeymoon in the same location as well given that you are already in a paradise-like location to begin with!